Doner Kebabs Saved From Extinction After European Ban Plans Rejected

Kebab lovers everywhere can sleep sound at night now.

A selection of kebabs.

The humble Doner kebab has been saved from extinction after British MEPs joined forces with politicians from across Europe to defeat plans that could have put an end to sales of the late-night takeaway treat.

Doner kebabs are a national institution, with an estimated 1.3 million sold across 20,000 takeaways every day in the UK alone. That’s a lot of kebab meat and, most likely, a lot of rather dodgy tummies the next day.

However, some MEPs wanted to ban the sale of Doner meat because of the presence of a chemical phosphate that’s injected into the meat to protect its flavour and freshness.

Now, that might sound like a sensible idea to some people, what with preservatives being all bad an everything, but critics were quick to highlight that the same preservative is already present in burgers and sausages. So there.

More importantly, these same critics were quick to point out that there is scientific evidence whatsoever to backup the claims that kebabs need to be kicked to the kerb.

In any case, the plans were defeated in the European parliament, meaning meat lovers can look forward to many more years of Doner kebab and late night indigestion to come.

Commenting on the result, Tory MEP John Procter, quite clearly fishing for a pun, said:

“This was a daft and damaging proposal which has quite rightly been skewered. Kebab shops are an integral part of many high streets and can now remain so”.

Doner kebab meat.

With a history dating back to the 19thcentury and the days of the Ottoman Empire, doner kebabs have been a fast food favourite since the 1970s.

It’s estimated that a standard Doner kebab contains anywhere up to 1,900 calories. That’s a hell of a lot of calories for a single sitting. Especially after a night on the sauce. It’s great tbeing an adult isn’t it?

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