Would You Donate To The World’s Biggest Penis Museum?

Iceland's Phallological Museum is looking to expand its collection.

Iceland's Penis Museum
Iceland's Penis Museum Would you donate to the Icelandic Phallological Museum? Image phallus.is

If you’re after something a bit different from your next holiday, there’s a remarkable museum in Iceland that’s well worth a visit…

The Icelandic Phallological Museum, located in capital city Reykjavík, holds the record for most penises on display anywhere, with 286 phalluses currently housed there.

Intrigued? The museum houses everything from human penises to bears, seals and cat phalluses, and it’s proving very popular over recent years – the museum had 12,000 visitors in 2011, 60% of which were women. 

The largest exhibit on display is a sperm whale penis, which is 1.7m tall and preserved in formaldehyde, and it’s quite a sight.

Iceland's penis museum
Iceland's penis museum Image phallus.is

“It’s a good plateau for jokes and having a good time. You can get educated and at the same time have some fun,” says museum curator Hjortur Sigurdsson via South China Morning Post.

“It’s been a bit taboo, especially (with) the human organ, but if you say ‘penis’, it attracts people. And, of course, we’re the only museum in the world that has been collecting biological organs.”

The museum looking to expand their collection too, and takes donations from all over the world. Would you ever consider making a contribution?

Take a look around the penis museum below:

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