Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Savaged In Brilliant New Simpsons Clip

Has The Simpsons got its edge back? Maybe...

Donald Trump savaged by The simpsons
Donald Trump The simpsons Image Fox

Donald Trump’s time as the President Of The United States might already feel like it’s lasted a lifetime, but it’s only been 100 days.

Seems like a lot longer, right? A hell of a lot has already happened during his time in charge, and its worth taking a little look back on.

Now, a new clip has been revealed, which sees The Simpsons – which actually predicted his presidency over 16 years ago – take a pretty savage view of his fledgling Presidency.

We know what you’re thinking. ‘The Simpsons has lost its edge. It’s half the show it used to be…’

Normally, loaded would agree with you, but the new footage is actually very good, and takes a pretty savage look back at the first 100 days.

A lot is crammed into the short clip. Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner strangling each other, while Trump counts his major accomplishments as ‘lowering his golf handicap’, his Twitter following ‘up by 700’, and the fact that he can now ‘shoot hibernating bears’ if him and his sons want.

Meanwhile, in the Simpson’s household, Marge runs out of the medication that’s supposed to last the full four years. We know how you feel Marge.

The clip is taken from the upcoming episode of The Simpsons, and on this evidence, it’s well worth a watch.

Has Simpsons got its edge back? Maybe…

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