Donald Trump and Vince McMahon star in epic Photoshop battle

Reddit showed no mercy to either Donald or Vince...

Donald Trump has been speaking again.
Trumping off Donald Trump has been accused of sexism in the past. Image John Moore/Getty Images

Let’s be honest, while Donald Trump continues to divide the public when it comes to his politics, he’s a firm favourite online among those seeking LOLs, ROFLs, LMFAOs or any other laugh-related acronyms we may have failed to mention.

So when loaded got wind of an imminent Photoshop battle on Reddit focusing around Donald Trump and his good old wrestling buddy and WWE owner Vince McMahon, it felt like Christmas had arrived bang in the middle of summer.

This particular photo editing dust-up centred around an image of Trump shaving McMahon’s head back in 2007 as part of the forfeit for losing a Battle of the Billionaires match-up – don’t ask.

trump original

And the good folk of Reddit did not disappoint, with a veritable feast of Photoshop efforts making Trump, and to a lesser extent McMahon, look like absolute tits.


Like us, for many this felt like Christmas had come early.

Donald Trump photoshop



For others, it was a chance to debut a bold new product: Trump hair in a can.

Donald Trump photoshop effort.



Some were incredibly surreal, like this borderline ‘Being John Malkovich’ effort.

Donald Trump photoshop



There was also an inspired Hannibal Lecter edition to enjoy.

Donald Trump Hannibal Lecter photoshop.



Someone even came up with the novel idea of a wall in a can…nice

Donald Trump photoshop.



Game of Thrones fans, naturally, got in on the action…

Donald Trump Game of thrones effort.



And who could forget Hilary Clinton in all of this?

Donald Trump Hilary Clinton photoshop



Some were a little late to the party…

Donald Trump party photoshop



And there was obviously always going to be a gag at Melania Trump’s expense…

Donald Trump Melania Trump photoshop



While there were those that went down the tried and tested route of Trump’s tan…

Donald Trump tan



Kim Jong-un also got involved. Because, why not?

Donald Trump Kim photoshop



Our favourite, however, was undoubtedly this inspired Home Alone effort.

Donald Trump and Home Alone

Never change, Donald. Just don’t be President too, either.

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