There’s Something Rather Odd About Donald Trump’s Time Magazine Cover

Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year? Maybe not…

Donald Trump has been speaking again.
Trumping off Donald Trump has been accused of sexism in the past. Image John Moore/Getty Images

Donald Trump is Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year for 2016 but all may not appear as it seems.

The President-Elect posed on the cover of the December issue of the magazine alongside the caption “President of the Divided States of America.”

But while that’s enough of a dig at The Donald in itself, there is a far subtler slamming of the Republican in the photo for the magazine cover itself.

Take a look at the cover – notice anything yet?


Look closer.


Closer still.


Do you see it yet?


Now answer us this: is the ‘M’ above Trump’s head intended to be horns or just plain old fluffy bunny ears? Either way, it seems that someone at Time is far from convinced by Trump or at the very least believes him to be the Devil Incarnate.

Alternatively, it’s all just one massive cock-up and someone in the design department at Time is about to be given their marching orders or at the very least a stern telling off. Possibly from Trump himself and probably via Twitter.

The Donald likes to tell people off over Twitter and something tells loaded he won’t want to miss out an opportunity to have his say.

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