The Donald Trump stuffed crust advert Pizza Hut wants you to forget

Bizarrely, it was filmed with his ex-wife Ivana.

Donald Trump launched his ‘Official Jam’ this week – LoadedSeriously Donald? Image Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

As the 2016 presidential election draws closer, it’s worth remembering that 20 years ago Donald Trump was a stuffed crust pizza salesman.

Back in 1995, the billionaire and Republic Party nominee was shilling Pizza Hut’s freshly-launched cheese-packed crust range. Yes, really!

The ad saw him awkwardly bat sexual innuendo in the direction of ex-wife Ivana, suggesting that the two were in the midst of some tawdry affair.

In fact, they’re merely sitting down to polish off a stuffed crust pizza, of which Ivana is only “entitled to half”.

“He was an egomaniac billionaire and almost charming. His egomania was so huge that he makes fun of himself. He’s lost that sense of humour,” HA Roth Consulting’s Hayes Roth told Adweek.

Today, Pizza Hut’s parent company Yum! would rather forget this ad ever happened.

“We haven’t, to this point, mentioned [Trump], and we will not be utilising the Republican candidate in the upcoming marketing,” said Yum!’s Doug Terfehr.

And to think, this man could soon have his hand on America’s nuclear trigger.

Watch the stuffed crust pizza advert in all its cringetastic glory…

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