Donald Trump showed ‘psychological strength’ in discussing penis during debates

Or at least that’s what Dr Keith Ablow told the totally impartial Fox News.

Donald Trump launched his ‘Official Jam’ this week – LoadedSeriously Donald? Image Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

You might think Donald Trump lowered the tone of the Republican primaries when he started openly debating the size of his penis on national TV – but you would be wrong according to one leading ‘authority’ on the matter.

Trump used the debate as an opportunity to put to bed any previous suggestion he may be lacking in a certain area.

The Republican candidate had been the subject of some mockery, with opponents claiming his small hands were a sign of smaller appendage elsewhere.

Trump could have risen above it though, ignored the juvenile claims and focused on the issues at hand – but he didn’t and according to Fox News Medical A-Team professional Dr Keith Ablow that was a good thing.

“[Sigmund] Freud would have been standing up, like applauding, standing ovation,” he declared during a segment on the news channel, that was transcribed by Media Matters.

“To be able to address such an intensely personal issue and say, ‘Listen, there’s no problem in that department,’ to me that showed an incredible degree of psychological strength.”

The kind of strength required to become President of the United States? Perhaps.

Enough to convince the President of Mexico to pay for a really big and totally unnecessary wall?

One thing at a time, I guess.

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