People are weeing on Donald Trump’s face thanks to these amazing pub toilets

Taking the piss just became a political protest.

Donald Trump speaking to his supporters.
Donald Trump Make a political statement with these hilarious pub toilets. Image Branden Camp/Getty Images

Think Donald Trump’s policies are taking the piss? Now you can get your own back with these hilarious pub toilets.

Making a political protest in 2016 has never been easier, after the Raglan Road pub in Nottingham introduced amazing new Donald Trump urinals.

The new toilet allows customers to answer nature’s call all over the Donald’s face, which must be so satisfying.

Check out the hilarious Donald Trump toilet below:

The back wall of the urinal features a huge head shot of Trump, mid-speech with his hand in the air.

Pub manager Ruth Beraki said: “Everyone that has seen it has absolutely loved it, and they have found it really funny.

“I think we decided to put it up there because the owners and customers didn’t agree with Trump’s point of view and because we believe Nottingham is a multicultural and mixed, vibrant city.”

“We disagree with a lot of Trump’s views,” she added – yeah, we’d already guessed that.

The urinal seems particularly necessary today, after Donald Trump Jr got criticised on Twitter for compared Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles.

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