Experts Say Donald Trump’s Messy Desk Is A Warning

Clean up your desk and your mouth, Donald

Donald TrumpImage Spencer Platt/Getty Images

There’s been a debate floating around for awhile now regarding messy desks. Some experts claim that disorganised people are inherently creative so therefore, leave them be. Others feel that living in such a scattered environment isn’t beneficial to production at all.

Steve Jobs’ desk was a disaster area, and yet he still managed to alter our existence – so maybe it depends on the personality.

Donald Trump’s messy, paper-filled working area in the Oval Office, known as the Resolute Desk has been closely observed by a range organisational professionals, who claim that it’s reflective of his scattered and erratic behaviour.

Fox News

“In the debates, it was so difficult for him to maintain any sort of structure. He’s too spontaneous which must be how he organises his day depending on his mood, “ organisational expert Patty Cruz-Fouchard told The Independent.

The Donald is quite proud of his clutter, claiming that another reason he’s the greatest president we’ve ever seen, is due to all his papers.

“You don’t see presidents with that on their desk.” He boasted to Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

This could also be another indicator of a ‘disorganised mind,’ which in a job like Trump’s is not a useful tool.

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