Donald Trump once made League Cup quarter-final draw with Saint and Greavsie

Did he know what was going on? Probably not...

Donald Trump makes the draw for the 1992 League Cup quarter-final
This really happened Donald Trump makes the draw for the 1992 League Cup quarter-final. Image ITV

It says a lot about the 2016 presidential election that unearthed footage of Donald Trump making the draw for the 1992 League Cup quarter-final is one of the least weird things to occur in the race for the White House.

Nobody quite knows why Trump teamed up with Ian St John and Jimmy Greaves to make the Rumbelows cup draw, but it absolutely happened and there’s video to prove it.

The always excellent Twitter feed Crap90sFootball passed the video along to their followers, and it’s just as surreal as you’d imagine.

Filmed in one of Trump’s Manhattan high rises, everything goes off without a hitch, including a mouth-watering tie between Leeds and Manchester United.

However, once attention turns to the post-draw chat it’s pretty clear Trump knows, or cares, little for the beautiful game.

“I used to play and we call it here soccer, it’s never worked out as well in the United States as it has elsewhere,” he said. “We’re having the World Cup coming soon to the United States, that should be great. It’s a great game. I love soccer, I played in High School.”

Kudos to Trump, though, for remembering the United States victory in the 1991 Women’s World Cup and not making a sexist gaffe for once.

Watch Donald Trump make the 1992 League Cup quarter-final draw below:

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