Donald Trump admits to hiring woman because she was hot

The Republican presidential hopeful hires the best people. Provided they are hot.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump.
Donald Trump and his wife. The president and first lady. Image Getty

Donald Trump’s attitude towards women has come under scrutiny once again after a video surfaced showing the Republican presidential candidate telling an anecdote about the time he hired a woman based purely on her looks.

The video, uncovered by, comes from a speech for adult education company the Learning Annex.

Trump was reportedly paid $1.5 million per appearance and, on the whole, these were largely forgettable affairs his talk in San Francisco back in March of 2007 was different.

It all started when Trump was asked: “How many jets do you have and how might I apply to be a flight attendant?”

Trump wasted little time in transforming into sleazy uncle mode, bringing her onstage for a friendly hug before announcing to the audience “You’re hired.”

What followed was an anecdote that, in retrospect, looks more than a little bit dodgy.

It centred on a “beautiful girl who was 17 or 18 and applied to be a waitress,” Trump explained.

“So beautiful. She’s like a world-class beauty,” he added, just in case we weren’t clear.

“So I interviewed her anyway because she was so pretty,” Trump explained. Such a lad.

“And I said, ‘Let me ask you: Do you have any experience?’ She goes, ‘No, sir.’ I say, ‘When can you start?'”

While the crowd were in raptures over the anecdote, it’s unlikely to do him many favours with women or recruitment experts for that matter.

Seriously, who conducts a job interview like that? He didn’t even give her a chance to ask questions about the company.

It’s not just about how she fits in with you Donald, it’s also about how you fit in with her. Jeeze.

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