President Donald Trump Has A Secret Code For Sex In The Whitehouse

Is anyone else feeling queasy?

Donald Trump and Melania Trump.
Donald Trump and his wife. The president and first lady. Image Getty

Believe it or not, but Donald Trump is a human being, and whether you are happy about him being President or not, like everybody he has certain… needs that need fulfilling from time to time, right?

People might not necessarily find it an appealing idea – or image – but even Trump needs some lovin’ every now again, when he’s not too busy signing travel bans and eyeing up the nuclear codes that is.

There’s no denying that every couple need a little private time now and again, and President Donald and First Lady Melania Trump are no different…


Melania Trump
Melania Trump Image Scott Olson/Getty Images

Now, the White House is hardly the most private building in the world. Hundreds of politicians, advisors and members of staff walk the halls every day – so how do you guarantee a little time to yourself?

As The Sun reports, there are certain codenames that help the President perform *ahem* ‘covert operations’ in the house.

For some years there’s been a code used by staff, which lets people know when ‘historical accords’ are being recorded in the oval office, if you get our drift…

It turns out the code name for the President is ‘Renegade’, while the First Lady is known as ‘Renaissance’, and then they’re being intimate, it’s referred to as ‘the Bosnian problem’.

So, if you ever find yourself in the White House, and you hear any of these words being used, you’d better get the hell out of there asap… a Trump tryst is about to go down.

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