Donald Trump Enjoys This Same Epic Meal Every Time He Visits McDonald’s

This incredible treasure trove of fast-food will forever be known as the McDonald Trump.

Donald TrumpImage Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Donald Trump enjoys the same mega McDonald’s feast every time he visits the Golden Arches and it’s liable to leave you feeling sick with jealousy or just plain sick.

The President has made no secret of his appreciation for McDonald’s and has been known to regularly order from the fast food giant throughout his time in office.

It’s even got to the point whereby White House chefs are under strict instruction to cook and serve burgers in a style befitting of the Golden Arches – something that must be a constant source of frustration to people who have probably spent their entire careers creating gourmet food.

Now the upcoming book, Let Trump Be Trump by his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former aide David Bossie, has revealed Trump’s order of choice when visiting McDonald’s and, depending on how you look at it, it’s either glorious or another damning indictment of American society as we know it. Well, something like that anyway.

Donald Trump approves.
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According to their sources Trump tends to go for an order of:

Two Big Macs
Two Fillet-O-Fish
One Chocolate milkshake
(All large. Of course)

Wow. That’s one hell of an order. And a strange one too – seriously, who the hell orders Fillet-O-Fish at McDonald’s? Is this guy some kind of maniac? Oh yeah. Right.

In any case, it’s one hefty meal, with that feast equating to an astonishing 1,900 calories, which is pretty close to the daily recommended intake for an adult male, which stands are around 2,230 calories at the high end of the scale.

McDonald's Big Mac
The Big Mac From McDonald's. Image McDonald's

Trump’s total is probably a little lower than that given his short stature and super-tiny hands.

Reports suggest, however, that Trump has been known to consume this meal up to three times a day. Here at loaded, we’ve already christened this meal “The McDonald Trump” and would suggest you go and give it a try yourself.

Better yet, we’ll give £30 to anyone who is able to pull off the ultimate and each three lots of this bad boy in one day. Go on. We dare you.

Failing that, why not take on the Big Mac Challenge? It’s pretty much impossible.

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