Take The Cognitive Assessment Test Donald Trump Scored 30 Out Of 30 On

By Jack Beresford

January 18, 2018

Donald Trump is a “very stable genius”. Everyone knows that. You only have to take a look at his Twitter feed each and every day to see that.

It’s part of the reason why the President recently passed a White House physical with flying colours. Well, that and the fact that suddenly President Trump is apparently 6’2”.

Regardless of his alleged physical prowess, what’s clear is that the President is very much in control of his cognitive reasoning. Totally in complete control. Which is a relief when you consider that this is the man capable of bringing about World War III.

Proof of this came via a cognitive screening exam, created to help assess Trump’s mental capabilities. The Montreal Cognitive Assessment exam was first created back in 1996 in order to assess a variety of cognitive abilities.

The average score for the test is 27.4 out of 30. A score below 22.1 could be an indication of mild cognitive impairment. Trump scored 30 out of 30. Because he’s a very stable genius, remember?

So how do you compare to Donald Trump? You’re unlikely to score 30 out of 30, of course, but aren’t you just the teeniest bit intrigued as to what the test involves?

Well, there’s good news because loaded has got its hands on the test undertaken by Trump. Covering visuospatial awareness, naming, memory, attention, language, abstraction and delayed recall, the assessment makes for fascinating reading.

It’s about following patterns, copying pictures, naming animals and word-based fluency.

Imagine being smart enough that you could score 30 out of 30 on this bad boy – you’d basically be a genius!

What might be interesting to consider is how Kim Jong-un would fare in the same test – probably just as well as Donald Trump, meaning he would score 30 out of 30. Provided the test was undertaken on home soil in North Korea.

Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un though? Like an actual fist fight? loaded has wondered. In fact, we’ve gone and weighed up the two fighters’ attributes in the name of entertainment. Check out our verdict here.