The 6 best celebrity impressions of Donald Trump

Our six picks for best Donald Trump impersonations.

Donald TrumpImage Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Alec Baldwin dressed up as US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump on this past week’s episode of Saturday Night Live in what was a rather uncanny impression. 

The veteran actor is by no means the first celebrity to imitate the business mogul turned Republican nomination for the presidency.

Ever since Trump announced his intention to stand for America’s top job, many high-profile celebrities have been jumping at the chance to offer up their impersonations.

Here we take a look at five of the best Trump impersonators.


Meryl Streep as Trump at Public Theater Gala

Meryl Streep as Trump at Public Theater Gala
Meryl Streep as Trump at Public Theater Gala Image Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Mamma Mia! star Meryl Streep made a surprise appearance at the Public Theater Gala in New York wearing a padded belly and covered in fake tan. She was there to show her support for Hilary Clinton – that’s one way to do it!


Taran Killam on Saturday Night Live

Not the only time Saturday Night Live appears on this list. Cast member Taran Killam has portrayed Trump several times on the show. This is one from an episode late last year.


Bruce Willis on The Tonight Show

Bruce Willis, who is rumoured to be a supporter of Donald Trump, decided to dress as him for an appearance on The Tonight Show in October of last year. Willis spends the majority of the interview trying to convince Jimmy Fallon that the wig he is wearing is in fact his own hair… Fallon doesn’t appear convinced.


Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

 Jimmy Fallon himself has also parodied Trump on The Tonight Show on more than one occasion. In fact, Fallon parodied Trump while the real Donald Trump was a guest on the show. Fair play to Trump, he seems to see the funny side.


Darrell Hammond on Saturday Night Live 

Darrell Hammond has been doing impressions of Trump on Saturday Night Live several times over the past year. Even if Hammond might not quite have the mannerisms down as much as Killam does, the skits are often very funny.


Johnny Depp for Funny Or Die

Last but not least, Johnny Depp spoofed Trump in the Funny Or Die video entitled The Art of the Deal. The video, which is 50 minutes long, shows Trump in a wide variety of situations with Depp bringing his usual eccentricities to the role of Trump. It’s well worth a watch.

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