Donald Trump-branded heroin discovered by police in New Hampshire

Many local residents were unhappy about him winning the primary but this may be a step too far.

Donald Trump gives the thumbs up
Don't say it Donald We know. It's madness. Image Getty

The idea of Donald Trump potentially becoming President is enough to drive any sane person to getting off their head. But one alleged New Hampshire drug dealer has taken that to extremes and has apparently created Donald Trump-branded heroin.

We can’t quite work out what Darcie Rae Hall is thinking here: is the Donald Trump heroin meant as a show of support for the bouffant-haired billionaire or a jump-off point for users seeking a reminder of the bleak world around them before escaping to drug-fuelled oblivion?

“Each wax bag of heroin was stamped with a ‘Donald Trump’ logo”

Whatever the truth may be, Hall’s Trump-inspired product has been taken off the streets with local paper New Hampshire Union Leader reporting that police have arrested 36-year-old Hall following a month-long investigation.

According to the report, law enforcement officials made the startling discovery during an undercover part of their operation.

Using a confidential informant, they were sold two small bags of heroin that, to their surprise, happened to have the name of the Republican presidential front-runner on the front.

One detective wrote in an affidavit provided by the newspaper: “I also observed that each wax bag was stamped with a ‘Donald Trump’ logo.”

Currently behind bars on a $2,000 dollar bail while awaiting trial, Hall has a history of drug-related crime after she was convicted for cocaine possession back in 2014.

The Trump-branded heroin is not the first time a presidential candidate has had his name involved in illegal narcotics during the current campaign – Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders’ name has been used in an official series of branded hash pipes created to help raise funds for his campaign.

In other Trump news, he has begun enlisting his wife Melania to appear with him on the campaign trail for the first time in a bid to boost his popularity among female voters.

Whoever wins, it’s nice to know that Americans will continue to live the high life, whether they like it or not.

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