Watch: The Erotic Movie Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To See

Bet Donald wishes this was fake news...

Bo Derek and Donald Trump
Bo Derek and Trump's pout Ghost's can't do it Image MGM

Donald Trump’s film history has been resurfacing lately thanks to his high profile job as leader of the free world, and it turns out he was in a weird as f*ck movie in the 1980s…

We all know about his quick cameo in Home Alone 2 and his brief adult film career, but he also had a legit role in 1989’s Ghost’s Can’t Do It opposite braided icon Bo Derek. The film is an attempt at an erotic thriller involving sex, murder and well, ghosts.

The plot involves Bo Derek’s character Kate and her much older husband Scott, played by Mexican actor Anthony Quinn.

Bo derek
Bo Derek and Anthony Quinn in the worst film ever... Image MGM

Scott has a heart attack which renders him incapable of having sex with Kate, so he offs himself and returns as a spirit, haunting his widow – who doesn’t seem to mind.

He convinces her to find a young, hot guy who he can posses and they can be together forever. Only catch is, she has to murder the poor guy because like the title implies, ghosts can’t do it.

This is as far away from Swayze and Moore as you can get. Funnily though, the film was director John Derek’s answer to Ghost, and they were both released in the same year. Bad idea, John. 

Somehow Donald gets thrown into the mix when Bo’s character has a meeting with him about real estate. Trump plays himself in every way, including flirting outrageously with Kate who is channeling her dead husband for some reason.

It includes the memorable line from Trump: “Be assured, Mrs. Scott, that in this room there are knives sharp enough to cut you to the bone—and hearts cold enough to eat yours as hors d’oeuvres.”

Kate replies with a giant lie: “You’re too pretty to be bad.”

A pouting Trump replies: “You noticed.”

It gets worse. Kate also starts buttering up The Donald by gushing about his recently published book while he weirdly touches a model super-yacht.

“I think you like to make mischief,” she says. 

“You noticed that too,” replied President Trump.

We all noticed Donald. 

Obviously the film bombed horribly, making a mere £20,000 at the box office. Seems not everything Trump touches turns to gold. What a shock.

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