Donald Trump Is The First President To Appear In An Adult Film

The Donald probably never imagined he would get to the Oval office back in 2000.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump.
Donald Trump and his wife. The president and first lady. Image Getty

Donald Trump has become the first, and most likely only, President of the United States to feature in an adult film.

The Donald was sworn in as the 45th leader of the free world at a very special ceremony in Washington, which was watched by millions across the globe.

Exactly how many people have tuned in to see the explicit Playboy film he appeared in back in 2000, however, is unclear.

The film, entitled ‘Centerfold’, tells the story of the rather attractive Bernaola Twins and their country-wide quest to find the very first ‘Playmate’ of the new millennium.

A copy pf Playboy Video Centerfold
Playboy Image Playbot

Featuring plenty in the way of fully nude women, who spend much of the movie in a series of increasingly sexualised clinches, the film also features a rather surprising turn from Trump.

In the movie, the girls pay a visit to the Donald in New York, with Trump smashing a bottle of champagne over a limo before pouring the bottle’s bubbly contents all over a Playboy logo in a sequence that’s more than just a little suggestive of something far ruder.

“Beauty is beauty, and let’s see what happens in New York,” he tells the pair, before sending them on their merry way together. Check out the clip below:

The emergence of the clip, first reported back in September when a Trump victory appeared unlikely, appears at odds with Trump’s previous approach to porn.

Back in July, the Republican candidate signed a pledge supporting an anti-porn group and even promised to enforce new laws against it if he took office.

Both sides of Playboy Image Playboy

Meanwhile, in the run up to and also after the elections, several porn spoofs featuring a character bearing the likeness of Trump have appeared online with some experts predicting even more to come in 2017.

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