Domino’s rues promising customers 100 years of pizza if they get tattoo of logo

By Jack Beresford

September 12, 2018

It started as a harmless enough promotion promising free pizzas for life to anyone willing to get a tattoo of Domino’s Pizza logo.

The Russian branch of the takeaway giant’s offer broke down to 100 free pizzas over the next 100 years. Only a handful of truly dedicated Domino’s lovers would be willing to get the required inking, they thought.

But they thought wrong. Within days, the company had been inundated with pictures profiling a variety of Domino’s logo tattoos

Soon Domino’s had to change the promotion to the “first 350 people” who came forward with their new inkings. But that didn’t stop the entries from coming in.

“Friends, we already have 350 participants!’ Domino’s Russia urgently pleaded on Facebook

“We are not receiving any new tattoos! ‘If you are at a tattoo artist’s and getting tattoos, we will include you in the list of participants. But we are waiting for pictures before 12:00 today.

“For those [getting tattoos] later, we recommend cancelling the appointment, because unfortunately we will not be able to include you.”

Branded the “Domino’s Forever” competition, the campaign was anything but.

Originally scheduled to run for two months, the promotion ended after a matter of days.

But that didn’t stop the entries from coming in. In fact, tattoos featuring the logo are still popping up on social media.

It gets worse too. Domino’s failed to initially specify how big the tattoos should be, eventually settling on the specifications that it should be 2cm in length.

They also explained that the tattoos should be on “visible parts of the body”, which was unfortunate for anyone who had opted for an inking somewhere like their chest.

Domino’s, to their credit, have followed through on the pledge with those initial winners though, some of whom have already taken to social media to show-off their pizzas.

But, given the insane response witnessed here, don’t expect to see a similar promotion rolled out anywhere else in the world anytime soon.