Domino’s Launches Reindeer Delivery Service In Japan

Christmas has come early for pizza lovers in the Far East.

A lovely slice of Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza Second only to Pizza Hut. Image Domino's Pizza

Santa Claus is coming to town and this year he’s bringing the greatest Christmas gift of all – no, not love, but boxes full of hot pizza goodness.

It’s all thanks to Domino’s and a brand new service promising to deliver warm pizza by Reindeer as part of a special festive treat.

At the moment the service is only available to residents in Northern Japan, where weather conditions are traditionally blisteringly cold around this time of year.

Domino’s refuses to let these pizza lovers down and, much like the postal service, come rain or shine they are determined to deliver the goods.

There’s nothing magic about these Reindeer though – they can’t fly, though they do carrying GPS tracking devices to ensure food gets to its destination.

Could a similar service ever be launched in the UK or US? Well, they would probably need the conditions to be super-snowy for Domino’s to ever consider it.

And even then, the largely manageable terrain makes 4×4 and other off-road vehicles a more sensible option.

Still, can you imagine getting a pizza delivering by Rudolph and the gang? Who would get the tip too? Would you have to pay off all of the reindeer? It’s just all too much.

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