Dominic Cooper responds to those next James Bond rumours

The actor, who played Ian Fleming, discussed Bond alongside Warcraft co-star Toby Kebbell.

Dominic Cooper remained coy on the subject of one day playing James Bond, though the Warcraft star did call on the next 007 movie to offer a darker portrayal of the secret agent.

Speaking alongside Warcraft co-star Toby Kebbell the pair were quizzed by Loaded on whether they would be up for the part of Bond and whether they had been contacted over potentially taking over from Daniel Craig.

Kebbell was quick to dismiss any suggestion he would take on the part though with the Rise of the Planet of the Apes star admitting that, while he would be flattered, there had been a little suggestion he would take over from Craig.

While Cooper was similarly coy on the subject, he was perhaps a little less forthright in completely dismissing the idea of eventually becoming Bond, at times appearing to dodge answering the question.

Cooper previously played the part of Ian Fleming, James Bond’s creator, during a Sky mini-series and remains in the running for the part at a distant 50/1 with the bookmakers.

One thing the pair certainly seemed to agree on, however, was that the next incarnation of Bond should take a different, darker turn.

Watch the video above to get their views on what should come next for 007 and whether they are in the running to replace Craig.

Warcraft is due for release on May 30, with Cooper and Kebbell both playing central roles in the big-screen adaptation of the fantasy computer game franchise.

Take a look at the trailer for the upcoming blockbuster here:

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