Dolph Lundgren Kicks Ass In Exclusive Look At New Film Female Fight Club

The first rule of Female Fight Club is that you need to talk about Female Fight Club.

Dolph Lundgren in Female Fight Club.

Loaded have been given an exclusive look at Dolph Lundgren back in action and doing what he does best: beating the living hell out of people in the name of entertainment.

Ahead of his return as Ivan Drago in the hotly anticipated Creed 2, Lundgren is warming up with Female Fight Club: a martial arts action movie that sees the He-Man actor team up with stunt woman Amy Johnston.

When brutal tragedy strikes, former fighter Rebecca (Johnston) returns to the illegal underground fighting scene as ‘Bex the Beast’, alongside her sister Kate. While training the team Rebecca must to take on another battle, with the cruel dangerous promoter who is threatening her sister’s life.

Lundgren, meanwhile, plays a father jailed after taking the blame for a series of murders committed by his daughter. Fortunately for Dolph fans, prison has done little to curb his violent tendencies, with this exclusive clip featuring Lundgren at his ass-kicking best, dispatching a group of thugs with only a set of tools as a weapon. Nice work, Dolph.

Johnston, meanwhile, takes centre stage in the second of loaded‘s exclusive clips where she engages in a brutal bare-knuckle fight with a fellow female competitor.

Johnston is a martial arts expert and has served as a stunt artist on a selection of major films including Deadpool, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Suicide Squad.

Together, they bring plenty of muscle to proceedings in this suitably daft tale about one woman’s quest to beat the living hell out of people for money.

While anyone expecting an all-female follow-up to the Brad Pitt/Ed Norton classic may be disappointed, this looks like essential viewing for fans of Lundgren and martial arts classics like Bloodsport.

Creed 2 cannot come quick enough.

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