‘Doing Nothing Workout’ Is The Lazy New Fitness Trend Of 2017

This is the kind of exercise loaded can get excited about.

Gym workout
Gym This is one workout we could get used to

For years, loaded has been searching for a way to get fit without putting in any physical effort whatsoever, and we think we’ve finally found it.

A new fitness trend is emerging in 2017 which we can all get on board with – the ‘doing nothing workout’.

That’s right – rather than spending hours on the treadmill or pumping iron, more people across the country are spending their time in the gym taking it easy and chilling out.

Rather than putting people through their paces, the new classes often involve ‘hammock stretching’, yoga sessions focusing solely on breathing, and relaxing in candlelight [via The Sun].

The classes certainly focus more on mental strength than physical prowess, and they’re proving very popular around the country.

Some of the biggest gym chains across the UK, Including David Lloyd, are offering classes in relaxation and stretching.

Fitness First and Virgin Active gyms have also added classes to their schedule which are all about chilling out and unwinding.

“There has been a shift in focus. People are realising the importance of a holistic and balanced approach to fitness. And I’ve seen far more interest in regenerative classes,” fitness manager Michelle Morrey at London’s Equinox gym said.

The gym can be a stressful place at times, and the new ‘lazy’ workouts definitely sound like the kind of exercise loaded can get excited about.

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