Does This Prove That Melania Trump Has Been Using A Body Double?

She wouldn’t be the first political figure to use a doppelganger.

melania trump
The similarities are freaky... Image Getty Images

Melania Trump often cuts a mysterious figure among husband Donald Trump, but there might be more to that than meets the eye.

Rarely speaking – other than to correct The Donald’s various gaffes – Melania is often seen sporting sunglasses alongside some rather unique wardrobe choices.

But now conspiracy theorists reckon they have come up with a viable reason for much of Melania’s strange behaviour in public: it’s not Melania.

The theory first surfaced when Melania Trump appeared alongside The Donald during one of his many public declarations on the touchy subject of an impending nuclear war.

On this particular occasion, Melania was seen wearing dark sunglasses, a pale overcoat and dark trousers, all of which was supposedly in place to help cover for the fact she wasn’t Melania at all but actually a body double.

Okay, we need to sit down for a second and really think about this. Donald Trump only added to the suspicions too, stating “my wife, Melania, who happens to be right here.”

Trump’s not a great liar and he’s not great at keeping secrets too – was this his attempt to help maintain their cover? You know, by doing the very thing that could end up blowing it?

A closer look at Felania’s face – we’re calling her Felania from now on – also shows an entirely different complexion and nose shape.

Melania Trump and Felania Trump.
Spot the difference

The question you have to ask with any elaborate conspiracy theory like this is simple: Why? Why go to such extreme lengths for something like this? In the case of Melania, though, the answer may be a simple one.

When Trump was first elected President, Melania and their son Barron Trump initially remained in New York. Melania and her son, who was in school there, evidently loved New York life and seemed happy to stay there. It was only amid intense press speculation that they finally upped sticks and headed over to Washington, back in June.

But what if Melania remained in New York? What if all was not what it appeared to be between her and The Donald? Remember that moment where he batted her hand away? Or when she stopped smiling at him so abruptly? What is there was more to that?

Then again, what if this was just Melania all along and Felania is just a figment of our imaginations?

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