Does This Footage Put All Those UFO Conspiracies To Rest?

This may just explain those crazy Area 51 claims.

An artist's impression of UFOs.Image Google

For years the conspiracy theorists would have had us believe that the United States Air Force facility more commonly known as Area 51 was a hotbed of alien activity with any number of Unidentified Flying Objects spotted high above the Nevada airspace.

Everyone has seen an example of this type of footage, often featuring flying saucer-shaped objects emitting strange lights and sounds.

To some, the footage stood as proof of the existence of extra-terrestrial life, somewhere out there beyond our stars.

But there was another, weightier, theory put forward. One that explained that these mysterious objects were not alien craft but actually prototype planes being tested by the US government in top secret conditions.

Some 60 years on from those famous sightings out in the Nevada Desert and we may finally be nearing the truth.

It comes after footage emerged of a new type of flying craft being developed by the US and tested in the region and it may just put a lot of those UFO theories to rest once and for all.

Dubbed the Avrocar, the craft was part of a top-secret US military project being masterminded during the Cold War.

Powered by a giant central fan, the flying disk was supposed to replace the helicopter as a new stealth transport system for US troops.

Originally, designed hoped the craft would reach speeds of up to 300 mph, flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet with a range of 995 miles.

It’s estimated that around £80 million was spent on the development of the Avrocar, which suffered from several major issues.

For starters, it became extremely unstable when travelling at high speeds, was too loud for a cambat vehicle and was often only able to hover roughtly a foot off the ground.

Eventually shelved in June 1961, Avrocar testing may explain the sudden spike in UFO sightings around the time.

It’s failure could also help explain many of the sightings seen since, with any number of sophisticated and strange flying objects tested over the skies of Nevada and beyond.

Are our governments continuing to test out advanced flying technology in secret? A case can certainly be made for exactly that.

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