The Disgusting Reason You Shouldn’t Use Your Phone On the Loo

'Sittin' on the toilet' ain't so funny anymore

Poo Emoji
Poo Emoji No laughing matter

While many consider their phone another appendage, physicians are warning folks against taking their mobile with them to the John. Statistics show that nearly 60% of phone users are committing this foul act all the time.

One reason to avoid this is the obvious risk of dropping the phone in the toilet, which we all know will destroy an iPhone immediately. Even if you manage to prevent this though, germs are a real problem too. [via SBS]

SBS interviewed a GP regarding the risk of contamination, and their findings are pretty gross.

“There are water and air particles that harbour in the little creases of the phone, explains GP Dr. Anchita Karmakar. “And phone covers and cases are usually made out of rubber, which is a warm and comfortable harbouring ground for bacteria.”



The toilet is quite the harbinger of bacteria, even if you scrub it to kingdom come. Flushing sends multiple poo or wee particles into the air, and they can land on your phone immediately, even if you wash your hands the interaction cannot be avoided.

So our advice is to keep your tinder swiping to the bedroom, stay away from the dinner table as well. Maybe invest in specific antibacterial sprays and wipes for technology just to be on the safe side.

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