Do Aliens Exist? loaded Spoke To A UFO Expert And His Revelations Will Shock You

loaded spoke to UFO expert Malcolm Robinson about sightings, hot spots, abductions and anal probes.

Independence Day: Resurgence
London's burning London gets a beating in Independence Day: Resurgence. Image Picture 20th Century Fox
The alien invasion and subsequent destruction of London depicted in Independence Day: Resurgence may represent a worst-case scenario in the event of the discovery of extra-terrestrial life but the arrival of beings from another world may not be far off.

UFO sightings continue to crop up across the planet, with any number of unidentified flying objects and bright strange lights creating cause for concern.

One man who has experienced this more than most is Malcolm Robinson, a respected author and speaker in the field of alien sightings and encounters and, as the founder of the Strange Phenomena Investigations, someone who has first-hand experience of these extraordinary encounters.

To mark the release of Independence Day: Resurgence on Blu-Ray and DVD, Robinson sat down with loaded to answer all our burning questions on the existence of aliens, UFO hot spots and, of course, anal probes.

loaded: Let’s start with the big one: Do aliens exist?
Robinson: The evidence certainly suggests we are dealing with something unusual in the skies of the world. Whether that indicates there is an alien presence is debatable.
“Strange craft that have featured in everything from renaissance paintings to the etching first found in the Australian outback”
95% of all UFO reports have natural explanations from things like aircraft to satellites, but the remaining 5% is puzzling. Around 3% could be our own top secret technology. Stealth aircraft was flying all over the US for over a decade giving rise to plenty of false UFO sightings before the military admitted it was them.
Another one per cent may be rare atmospheric phenomena like ball lightning, which has been viewed mistakenly, by ground-based observers in the past.
Then there is the 1%, the fly in the ointment if you like, that indicates a presence of something mysterious. Strange craft that have featured in everything from renaissance paintings to the etching first found in the Australian outback. The evidence is there.
loaded: You’ve investigated several major UFO sightings – which has been the strangest?
Robinson: The weirdest I have encountered is the A70 abduction case in Scotland involving Garry Wood and Colin Wright, two men with absolutely no interest in UFOs.
On the evening of August 18 1992, they left Edinburgh together in a car bound for Tarbrax, travelling down the A70. As they were driving through the countryside, Colin alerted Gary to an object hovering 20 foot above the road. It was sheer black and hovering over the road.
The mysterious ship
The mysterious ship And the beam of light
As they were driving under it, the object began to emit heavy silver snowflakes, which descended down onto the car. Suddenly, everything went black and they found themselves enveloped in total inky darkness.
It was about 30 seconds before they regained their sight and control of the car. By the time they reached their destination, it became apparent that around an hour and a half of their time was unaccounted for.
“Strange things occurred on that craft” 
That night, they had strange dreams about creatures, around four to five feet tall with child-like bodies, grey/blue translucent skins, pear-shaped heads and oval eyes, which consistent with the common European description we had previously encountered.
As time progressed, they also noticed scars on their bodies that had not been there before.
Gary didn’t want to believe it was UFOs but he was struggling to come up with any other explanation. That was when they contacted me.
I brought in a hypnotherapist, much like the police do, to explore both Garry and Colin’s subconscious memories of that night back in 1992.
Under hypnosis both men remembered, separately, the car being stopped and them being taken out by these small creatures. Both also remembered being taken on board an object and subjected to some sort of medical examination, all the while paralysed by fear.
Strange things occurred on that craft.
One of the drawings of the 'aliens'
One of the drawings of the 'aliens' This came directly from one of the witnessses
Don’t get me wrong: people can lie, they can control their emotions or even engage in cryptomnesia – whereby they may have watched a film involving an alien and passed it off as a memory of something else. This was different though. 
loaded: Does the UK have any major UFO hot spots?
Robinson: There’s the small town of Bonnybridge in Sterlingshire. It all started when local councillor Billy Buchanan started getting approached by people that had seen mysterious shapes in the sky.
“The governments of this world know far more than they are letting on”
Rather than brush them off, he decided to try and find out what was going on. It soon became clear that this town was attracting all manner of strange flying objects and lights.
This town was on a flight path to Glasgow airport but these people knew the difference between aircraft navigation lights and what was being seen and these sightings didn’t come from just anybody either – these were policeman, hospital workers and respected academics.
Over the years we have petitioned several Prime Ministers to investigate but they’ve always come back with the same message, that these objects represented no threat so no inquest is required. It’s bloody shocking – these objects were so close.
loaded: Do you think there are secret government files on the subject of UFOs?
Robinson: The governments of this world know far more than they are letting on but it’s difficult to prove anything. The French government in the 70s admitted to a UFO concern.
I’ve petitioned the UK government for information in the past but never heard anything back. It seems as though we elect these people to serve their constituents but often don’t serve our interests.
Another of the A70 witness drawings
Another of the A70 witness drawings The two pictures were completed independently.
loaded: What really goes on at Area 51?
Robinson: The suspicion is that is an underground base which people speculate contains retrieved UFOs. There is no denying some of the footage taken in the area shows dancing balls of light and terrific G-force turns which, if they were real aircraft, would kill the pilots for sure.
There is this idea that the government may have retrieved part of some craft from Roswell or somewhere else in the world. Unfortunately, even though we know there are these objects in the sky, we do not know what is behind it. What is the agenda? That’s the worrying aspect.
loaded: If there were an alien invasion tomorrow, would we be ready?
Robinson: At the moment, there is no clear sign of an alien invasion, however we do have these reports of UFO sightings and abductions.
We have satellites listening out for these things though. Every now and then though we do hear strange noises in deep space that simply can’t be attributed to exploding stars or anything – Google “wow signal” and you will see for yourself.
I wouldn’t say there is any potential just yet – if there were, then surely it would have happened before. 
loaded: You must have seen a lot of films with aliens in them – what’s the most authentic?
Robinson: The closest would be a film called Communion by Whitley Strieber and starring Christopher Walken. The creatures depicted – small, grey and with those distinctive eyes – are the ones most consistently seen throughout the world.

loaded: Finally, is there any truth to the old myth about aliens using anal probes?
Robinson: Unfortunately, it is actually part and parcel of the abduction scenario. I’ve even heard stories of women who have been abducted and then re-abducted and shown half-human babies they are told, telepathically, are theirs.
There have even been some men who have come back and even told me about this and that’s not something you would necessarily want to share. Oh no, it’s no myth – in fact, it’s actually worse than that. In some instances, have reported having needles inserted into their eyes and even their navels.

INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE is released now on Digital HD and on Blu-ray and DVD from 14 November 

MALCOLM ROBINSON has written two books on UFOs – UFO Case Files Of Scotland Volumes 1 & 2 which can be purchased on Amazon.

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