Disney Confirms All The Pixar Movies Are Set In The Same Shared Universe

Discover all the secret Easter eggs hidden in your favourite kids films.

Disney Pixar's Monsters Inc.
Monsters Inc Are all Pixar movies part of the same universe? Image Disney/Pixar

One of the most popular theories in cinema has finally been proved to be true, after Disney appeared to confirm that all its Pixar movies are set in the same shared universe.

For years, fans have speculated that the films are all interconnected, and the the studio has now posted a video on their Facebook page pointing out all the times their movies overlapped.

The clip, titled Pixar Easter Eggs, features many examples of Pixar films referring to other movies, and some are pretty surprising.

Watch the fascinating clip below:

There are many ‘Easter eggs’ you may have missed in your favourite Pixar movies, all of which suggest they inhabit the same universe.

Did you know that Nemo appears in Monster Inc? Or that Cars’s Lightning McQueen makes a cameo in Toy Story 3?

From Toy Story’s film’s Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear turning up in UP, to a secret Sulley carving in Brave, there are dozens of references hidden away in the classic movies.

Toy Story
Toy Story A scene from Pixar's Toy Story series. Image Disney/Pixar

The clip – which has already been viewed over 2 million times – goes some way to confirm the popular ‘shared universe’ theory. There’s no word on that dark Toy Story theory yet though…

Pixar are currently busy putting together the third Cars movie. One things for sure – fans will have their eyes for more Easter eggs when it’s released in the Summer.

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