Is Disney about to break the bank to buy Twitter?


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The Walt Disney Company might be about to buy Twitter.

Disney would certainly be an unlikely acquirer but perhaps it wouldn’t be too surprising considering Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey has been on Disney’s board since 2013.

Despite having strong advertising links, Twitter has suffered over the past year due to investors becoming weary of the lack of company growth.

Growth that has been mostly stagnant since Dorsey took over as the company’s CEO about a year ago, according to Bloomberg.

It is unclear at this stage how Disney would use Twitter should the sale go through. It is expected that the social media platform would likely be allowed to continue in the same format it has been up until this point, at least initially.

Twitter’s board is reportedly asking potential acquirers to cough up the small sum of $30 billion for the company.

For comparison, this would dwarf the $4 billion fee Disney stumped up to buy Lucasfilm – complete with Star Wars and Indiana Jones – in 2012.

Other reported potential bidders include Google and Salesforce.

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