Discovery Channel Building $400m Animal Theme Park In Costa Rica

It could become the animal world’s answer to Jurassic Park.

An elephant in India
An elephant Don't fuck with these guys. Image Getty

A very different kind of theme park is coming to Costa Rica where the world’s greatest – and potentially most deadly – animals will take centre stage.

It’s the brainchild of Discovery Communications, the company behind the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, and to all intents and purposes it’s shaping up to be a real-life version of Jurassic Park – minus the dinosaurs and killing, of course.

What it definitely will amount to is an incredible holiday resort offering visitors the chance to relax in exotic climes or partake in a series of eco-adventure activities involving nature’s greatest creations.

Will there be lions? We’d hope so. How about crocodiles? Can’t rule that out either. And hippos? Er, maybe steer clear of hippos until everything is up and running. Those guys can seriously mess you up.

In any case, it’s full steam ahead with Reuters confirming that the Costa Rican government had given the go-ahead for local investment firm Sun Latin American to begin work on the 1,977-acre project.

Hippos fighting in a pond
Hungry hungry hippos Nothing like the game Image Getty

Set to be constructed around the popular beach-based destination of Guanacaste, almost 140 miles north of the capital, the facility will boast hotels, sports arenas and restaurants as well as a fully-functioning helipad.

Just kidding. loaded has no idea if there is a helipad, but it sounds like a sensible addition.

They need to be careful when managing all those animals in one place. Remember what Jeff Goldblum’s Dr Ian Malcolm said: “Life finds a way.”

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