This Dirty Magazine From Apollo 17 Mission Is Selling For HOW MUCH?

Turns out vintage copies of Penthouse sell for astronomical prices


We may have moved into the digital age of adult content but it would appear that some dirty magazines are still worth a thing or two – provided they’ve been taken to the surface of the Moon and back.

A copy of the October 1971 issue of Penthouse, or more specifically the centrefold featuring “Pet of the Month” Helen Caunt, is up for auction in the US and carries quite the price tag.

Back in the 1970s, it was apparently commonplace for astronauts to take pictures of scantily clad women with them into space.

Why? Because it gave them something to look out instead of the empty, never-ending bleakness of deep space.

Anyway, this particular Penthouse centrefold, which once belong to now-deceased astronaut Gene Cernan, is going up for sale.

But anyone hoping to get their rocks off with this intergalactic collectible could be left disappointed.

RR Auctions latest item.
The Centrefold RR Auctions Image RR Auctions

To amuse himself, Cernan actually covered up most of the centrefold’s naughty bits with a series of stickers featuring cartoon characters like Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

In any case, the centrefold is still expected to fetch at least five figures at auction, given the clamour surrounding any and all space-related memorabilia.

For example, a colour Playboy calendar photo featuring DeDe Lind that dated back to August 1967 sold for an impressive $21,000.

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