Filmmaker tells the incredible story of blind magician Justin Sight

Justin Sight has become a YouTube hit

Blind magician Justin Sight doing magic
Magic Magician Justin Sight has wowed subway users and New Yorkers alike

Brace yourself, because this magician might be even more impressive than Dynamo. 

Justin Sight – real name Adam Jaslikowski – is a blind magician, who is a sparking jewel of the New York underground.

He went viral last year when a video appeared online of Sight wowing commuters by making a quarter dollar coin float in mid air. 

Born in Poland, Sight has wowed New Yorkers with his tagline “True seeing is not believing” and he really means it. 

Sight was diagnosed legally blind without corrective treatment at the age of 10, 15 years ago.

Around the same time that he lost his sight, the wannabe magician developed a fascination with the modern-day art of performance.

His unique brand of presentation often focuses on the notion of a “malleable reality” in which anything can happen. He demonstrates what advantages he has because of his visual impairment by implementing ways to “see what others can’t”.  

David Blaine is a fan, while Sight has also performed tricks for Maroon 5, Chris Pratt and Harvey Keitel, as well as the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team.

Sight recently challenged the internet to solve how he managed to make a ring levitate and seemingly expand like rubber. So far, nobody has taken him up on his offer.

Now his story has been made into a documentary film by filmmaker Sebastian Mlynarski – as he puts it on his Facebook page.

“It’s a compelling look at my journey as a street performer and the mind set and hurdles behind making a change such as mine.”

You can catch the film here

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