Diego Maradona reveals passionate hatred for… The Simpsons

The Argentina legend really doesn’t get on with Homer either.

The Simpsons loved by billions But not by Diego Maradona Image Fox

Diego Maradona hates a lot of things.

Pele, England and salads, are just three examples of the kind of things that grind El Diego’s gears.

But now something slightly more surprising can been added to the ever-extending list of stuff that makes Maradona mad: The Simpsons.

That’s right, the world’s most popular and long-running cartoon series is the source of much angst for the Argentina World Cup winner.

Speaking in a video interview, Maradona singled out the Matt Groening cartoon as a prime example of why television is crap today.

And while he may have a point when it comes to more recent episodes, we can’t help but feel The Simpsons is getting a tough rap.

Diego Maradonna on the phone``
Hello? Is that Points of View? I'd like to make a complaint. Image Photo Trottwa/Tumblr

“I hate them,” he explained. “I just can’t watch them.”

However, not content with slagging off the show, Maradona’s comments managed to touch a nerve with one Humberto Velez – the bloke who has been voicing Homer Simpson on the Latin American version of the show for much of the past two decades.

Having accidentally confused Maradona with Lionel Messi, Velez recovered to launch a scathing attack on the football legend: “Now I remember who he is. He is a big-titted fat guy. What he does is frankly stupid, I don’t think he is an individual worthy of us.

“I think it is lovely that a fat kid from the south says this kind of thing. He must have been somewhat more useless than me because he says purely idiotic things.”

We can only assume Maradona is more of a South Park fan.

Well, he’s got to like something, right?

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