Did You Spot The Walking Dead’s First Fully Nude Walker?

By Jack Beresford

March 20, 2018

The Walking Dead is fast making a habit of promising lots and delivering little and that was certainly the case when it came to the unveiling of the show’s first fully nude zombie.

At the start of the season, fans were promised an all-out war between the faction of survivors led by Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and the despicable posse led by Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan. It’s not quite arrived though, with much of the series so far taken up with long, ponderous episodes and sub-plots no one cares about.

In a bid to stir up a little more interest in the show, which has suffered a significant dip in the ratings, executive producer Greg Nicotero revealed the show’s new secret weapon: a fully nude walker (zombie).

The announcement wasn’t one greeted with a lot of excitement from fans still waiting for the all-out war but it did generate a little curiosity. Unfortunately, it would appear that team behind The Walking Dead have pulled another fast one, with the nude zombie in question making his underwhelming debut in the latest episode “The Key.”

Appearing in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment around three quarters of the way through the episode, most people probably didn’t notice it. Fortunately, Nicotero was quick to share a high-res image of the walker in question on his Instagram:

But as the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed, the walker appears to be missing something pretty important from his anatomy: genitals.

All that fuss over a nude walker that’s not really nude. Nicotero, to his credit, fronted up on fan show The Talking Dead, explaining that “There’s some bite marks strategically placed… This person died very painfully.”

It’s all rather bizarre, especially when you consider that the makers of a show in which people are gruesomely eaten alive on a regular basis are squeamish about showing some prosthetic genitals, although that comes down to AMC’s censorship rules.

In any case, the nude zombie fiasco kind of sums up much of the show’s problems of late, having promised much before ultimately delivering something lacking any balls whatsoever.