Did You Spot The One Strange Addition To Josh Brolin’s Cable Costume?

One small detail could give away plot details ahead of Deadpool 2.

Josh Brolin

The first detailed image of Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2 has arrived and one rather odd detail may have lifted the lid on what to expect from the Ryan Reynolds franchise.

Reynolds took to Twitter to share the first full body image of Brolin as the popular X-Men character and, on the whole, it’s pretty faithful to his look in the original comics.

All the usual Cable firepower is present and correct, most notably one crazy looking assault rifle, while his cybernetic arm and the techno-organic virus creeping up his neck can also be seen.

In the comics, Cable is shown to be suffering from this virus, which transforms organic material into techno-organic material i.e. he’s essentially dying and being turned into a Terminator in the process.

That’s not the one major detail that has fans confused though. Attached to Brolin’s left hip is a teddy bear that’s not part of Cable canon in the comics.

Though it might be a humorous gimmick included because this, after all, a Deadpool movie, there’s another theory that could point to the plotline ahead.

Josh Brolin as Cable
Josh Brolin as Cable Image Ryan Reynolds/Twitter

In the more recent Cable comics, the character befriends a young mutant called Hope, who is targeted by anti-mutant zealots.

Cable eventually raises her as his own and she event takes his name. Does that mean Hope is present or at least exists in this version of the story? Did something tragic befall her or is she set to take a central role in the sequel’s plot? That teddy bear is there for a reason.

Unfortunately, fans won’t find out either way until June 1st 2018.

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