Did they survive? Motorcyclists Slam Into Stopped Car In Crazy Footage

It’s unclear whether the pair survived the insane high-speed ordeal.

Motorbike crash.
He went flying But is he okay now? Image Streamable

Confusion surrounds shocking footage of two motorcyclists involved in a high speed collision with a stationary vehicle.

The footage, which appears to come from the US, sees two bikers launched clear into the air after crashing into a car, which had pulled over on the roadside.

Travelling at lightning fast speed, the motorcyclist and his passenger had no time to break or even swerve to avoid the vehicle.

The result was a shocking collision that sent one rider flying high into the air before landing on the rock solid tarmac of the road below.

At this point, the extent of his injuries are unclear, with some questioning whether the rider involved lived through the incident at all.

Though the release of the footage online would go some way to suggesting the person involved made it out alive, there is no clear confirmation as yet.


In any case, the footage ranks among the most extreme collision ever caught on camera, with both of the riders involved in the crash likely to have suffered serious injuries.

It may also serve as a reminder to slow down on the roads and ensure you remain in complete control of your vehicle while driving at high speed.

Fingers crossed those involved escaped without injury.

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