Did Hitler Fake His Death? Nazi Artefacts Reignite Conspiracy Theory

It’s one of the oldest conspiracy theories out there – but could it be true?

Historians have claimed Hitler suffered from a rare condition called Hypospadias – LoadedImage Photo by Heinrich Hoffmann/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

For decades now, conspiracy theorists have held on to the misguided belief that Adolf Hitler somehow escaped from that bunker in Berlin and dashed off to a secret hideaway in Argentina.

Countless books and documentaries have covered the topic, while any number of crackpot theories presented on the matter.

The main facts of the theory – if you can call them that – centre on the belief Hitler and girlfriend Eva Braun faked their suicides, leaving behind dead lookalikes before somehow evading capture and escaping to South America.

To believe in the theory is to ignore the multitude of eye-witness accounts – including Hitler’s personal bodyguard – and evidence to the contrary. But there is some evidence to potentially back up these outlandish claims.

Arguably the most notable of these concern the Hitler’s body or the body he left behind in his place.

According to the autopsy, the body left behind not only had an extra tooth, not listed in Hitler’s dental records, but the Nazi leader was also missing a testicle, something else omitted from almost all other reports.

Now, the speculation surrounding Hitler’s possible escape has reignited further following the discovery of a hidden room in Argentina containing several pieces of Nazi memorabilia.

Knives emblazoned with Swastikas and a bust of the Nazi leader are said to be among the haul, which Ariel Cohen Sabban, president of the Delegation of Argentinean Israeli Associations (DAIA), a political umbrella for Argentina’s Jewish institutes, told ABC offers “irrefutable proof of the presence of top leaders who escaped from Nazi Germany”.

But while the autopsy presented does, at least in some small part, back up the frankly mind-blowing theory, it’s still difficult to determine quite how Hitler would have escaped from war-ravaged Germany without detection.

Nazi architect Albert Speer says Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun didn’t have a sexually normal relationship – Loaded
Image Photo by Keystone/Getty Images

A report from Intellihub previously suggested the FBI were aware that Hitler was in Argentina and that he had settled down to a quiet life in the Andrean foothills after making his escape from Germany by submarine.

Haaretz has also claimed that FBI documents exist showing that Director J Edgar Hoover was obsessed with the idea Hitler had not only escaped but could be hiding out in America and regularly sent agents to observe people who fitted his description.

The unfortunate reality for all concerned is that we may never truly know the truth with Hitler likely to be long dead even if he had somehow survived.

It’s probably better to simply take the situation at face value and assume the Nazi chief died in that fateful bunker all those years ago because the alternative is too alarming to even contemplate.

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