Did Guy Who Opened Beer On Dead Shark’s Teeth Take It Too Far?

He's been getting a lot of hate ever since the controversial clip went viral.

Shark Did he take it too far? Image Instagram/TFM

How would you react if you saw a dead shark washed up on a beach?

The chances are you wouldn’t do what this guy did, and crack open a can of beer on its teeth, right?

Video footage of a young man using a dead, washed-up shark to pierce his tin of lager has gone viral, and lots of people really aren’t happy about it…

After featuring on the social media site ‘Total Frat Move’, the clip has generated a lot of negative reaction online, with commentators labelling the unnamed young man ‘disrespectful’ and ‘ignorant’.

The shark shotgun. @tfmspringbreak

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Little is known about the clip, but that hasn’t stopped commentators taking issue. One internet user wrote: “How you could do this with no remorse is beyond me.”

Another added: “So not okay. sharks deserve enough respect to not be used as a drinking prop by boys with a single digit IQ but OK pal.”

So, did he take things too far?

First, it’s pretty easy to see why people are hating on the clip. ‘Total frat move’ is home to some of the biggest bellends on the internet, and these guys don’t seem any different.

However, while some of the criticism is certainly justified, it’s worth bearing in mind that the guy was on spring break when the clip was filmed.

If we’ve learned anything from US teen movies, it is that people get up to some pretty crazy stuff around this time of year, and he clearly got a little carried away in the moment.

After all, the shark was already dead, and there was nothing he could have done to save it. If it had been fighting for its life, then things would have been very different.

In all fairness, some of the comments aimed at the guy are just as outrageous as the actual act too. Plenty of people have jumped on the bandwagon somewhat and launched some seriously scathing attacks via the comments section.

One called him a “disgusting piece of shit”, while another incensed commentator wrote: “I’d love to get a can and smash it in your face til it opens , I’d make sure the first blow was hard enough to hurt but didn’t open so I could enjoy hitting you again What kind of parents do you have that bought up such an arsehole.”

Whatever you make of the video, there are two things we can say for sure: There will always be videos of frat guys doing stupid stuff during spring break, and there will always be internet users saying how offended they are in the comment section.

Having said that, we doubt this guy’ll be opening beer on another shark anytime soon…

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