Did Anisa And Andrew Break The Apprentice’s Sex Ban Rules?

Two contestants were the subject of some salacious tabloid reports – was any of it true?

The Apprentice casualties.
The latest casualties on The Apprentice. Image BBC

Anisa Topan and Andrew Brady have both spoken openly for the first time about the rumours suggesting the pair broke the show’s sex ban by eloping together.

It’s an unwritten rule of the BBC One reality series that all contestants are prohibited from getting together during filming.

However, The Sun claimed that the 36-year-old Anisa had flaunted this to get together with the 26-year-old Andrew. The report even claimed the pair eloped together despite Anisa later going on to marry her long-term partner, Tristan, in September 2017. 

Now that both candidates and fellow casualty Charles Burns are free from the process, following the latest triple sacking by Lord Sugar on the show, they have decided to comment on the rumours.

Anisa Topan

Anisa on The Apprentice.

“Nothing happened at all, it’s all rumours,” Anisa told loaded. “I’m happily married but I understand that when you put yourself in the public eye, there’s always going to be something said about you, one way or the other.

“I come from a PR background so I am kind of used to it. There’s an element of detachment because you know it’s not you.”

Looking back at her time on the show, Anisa had no regrets about gaining a reputation for getting the giggles.

“Did you see the tasks? Some of them were ridiculous. If I didn’t laugh, I would have cried. When am I going to need to be a tour guide? Never. When am I going to pick up poo for a living? Never.”

“There were some cringe worthy moments where I think “oh my god” but that’s part of the lovely tapestry of life. When you’re in that situation and under that pressure, you don’t always engage your brain.”

Though she wishes she had had the opportunity be PM early in the process, Anisa is now looking forward to enjoyed a holiday over Christmas.

Andrew Brady

Andrew On The Apprentice

Andrew echoed Anisa’s comments, claiming the reports of their hookup were “just rumour”before moving on to talk about other matter.

He did admit that he may have a few other salacious stories of his own he would rather keep from the press though. “If I am honest, the tabloid stories that have been put out there are weak compared to some of the ones they could have put out.”

Andrew also had some complimentary words for Anisa after they were both fired along with project manager Charles Burns. Well, almost.

“Anisa is very good at what she does. Her only downfall is that she puts forward like three or four ideas that might contradict each other. People didn’t take her as seriously as they should have done.”

Andrew also admitted a sense of “relief” at being fired, describing it as “similar to a dog that’s ill being put out of its misery” having already been unfairly labelled “immature” by Lord Sugar a few weeks back during the beer tour task.

“I know I couldn’t have turned it around. Lord Sugar hasn’t got where he is today by being flippant. Once you’ve been labelled something in any industry it’s hard to get away from it.”

Charles Burns

Charles on The Apprentice.

Charles, for his part, didn’t buy into any of the tabloid claims in the first place – though he couldn’t resist having a little dig at his fellow candidates, without naming names.

“I didn’t see anything,” he told loaded. “I just laugh at it and see it as people trying to get a bit of press coverage and say something shocking.”

Charles did admit that tensions ran high among the female candidates though, particularly in the house they shared.

“It can be very intense. Things do occasionally spill over. Some of the girls were five or six to the room which caused some disagreements.”

He did have a response for Karren Brady though, who was especially critical of his efforts on the task.

“When Karren referred to me as a delegator, I found it odd because for me a good leader is someone who is good at delegating. That’s what good leaders do. If you have people on your team doing a good job, just jumping in for an ego trip is just silly.

“Maybe that was my naivety. All day long people were telling me I was doing a good job of managing the team but in the boardroom they ended up fighting their corner. I would rather talk up my work rather than slag off other people.”

The Apprentice continues next Wednesday at 9pm.

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