Please Take A Moment To View This Dick Pic Tutorial

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According to Men’s Health, “we are in the age of the dick pic.” Boy, do we miss the age of enlightenment right about now

Gents listen up, to all those who enjoy a good penis portrait, we have a visual exercise for you. It comes, courtesy of a female freelance tutor who took it upon herself to demonstrate the various ways and positions for a proper pecker spectacle. This is one for the history books. 



The low angle isn’t always the best but in this case, it adds the illusion of more girth and an up close perspective. 

Cameo C**k


Everyone should know their best side, position accordingly. Try out a view vantage points.

D**k Drone


Air visuals can be panoramic and beautiful. This brings an alternative to the lower angle but just as flattering. 



This one is advanced and for those who have been around the block. 


The Pants Party


This is one for a serious relationship, it’s not flattering and can turn off a potential

The Counter Flop


This requires proper lighting and bottle removal


There you have it, there will be a quiz. 

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