The dental nurse causing a stir in Taiwan


Men Are Queuing Up To Meet “The Most Beautiful Nurse In The World”

By Jack Beresford

November 27, 2017

A dental surgery has been inundated with men booking unnecessary root canals, fillings and other treatments in an attempt to meet the woman dubbed “the most beautiful nurse in the world” online.

25-year-old Ning Chen became an overnight viral sensation in her homeland after images she posted on social media of herself were shared by countless thousands of fans, many of whom were apparently taken by her good looks.

Chen has already amassed well over 29,000 followers on Instagram as a result of her newfound fame, with many of her new fans taking to social media to pay compliment to the her beauty.

That’s not enough for some though with reporting that the Taichung dental surgery where she works has been inundated with new bookings as a result… mostly from men.

These guys are calling up to book themselves in for root canals, fillings and other procedures despite not necessarily needing these, or any of the other dental treatments on offer.

Instead, these rather odd blokes are booking in with the clinic just so they might get the chance to speak to Chen.

Unfortunately, what these guys probably don’t realise is that the 25-year-old is already happily coupled up and probably wouldn’t be that eager to date or even converse with a patient for an extended amount of time in the first place.

Chen has been blown away by the response though, telling

“I can’t believe they say I’m the most beautiful dental nurse in the world! I’m so happy with all of the appreciation from people. I have a lot of gratitude for their love.”

And asked what she loves most about her job, the Taiwanese nurse admitted:

“I enjoy the work, especially the teeth whitening.”