Demi Moore’s 5 Greatest Movie Moments

Before Lovato, there was Moore.

Demi Moore in Striptease
Striptease Demi Moore in her iconic 90s movie. Image Columbia Pictures

It’s easy to forget how many stone cold classic movies Demi Moore has starred in.

Back in the 90s she was the biggest leading lady going – think JLaw before JLaw or a raven-haired Margot Robbie with silver screen charisma to burn.

She’ll be making a comeback in 2017 with male stripper comedy Rock that Body and sex trafficking drama Love Sonia. But before all that, loaded celebrates all things Demi with a look back at some of her finest screen moments.



After her breakthrough in St Elmo’s Fire, Demi cemented herself as a major movie star with 1990’s Ghost. The supernatural romance was notable for a scene that somehow managed to make pottery sexy. Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding played the part in a recent West End production of the show but, let’s be honest, nobody was ever going to do it better than Demi.



A movie decades ahead of its time, Disclosure addressed sexual harassment in the workplace and, unexpectedly, virtual reality. The mid-90s was the era of Sharon Stone and Linda Fiorentino, and this semi-erotic thriller saw Demi and Michael Douglas chuck their hats in the ring with memorable results.



This might not go down as a movie classic, but Striptease capitalised on its leading lady’s sex appeal by casting her as a stripper pulled into a dangerous blackmail plot. Demi was paid $12.5 million to play Erin Grant, making her the highest paid actress in Hollywood at the time. Striptease wasn’t a hit in the US, but overseas it was a smash proving Demi had international box office appeal.


GI Jane

Made during director Ridley Scott’s wilderness years, this military drama saw Demi play an army officer sent into the US Navy’s elite SEAL/CRT team. Moore put herself through the emotional and physical ringer, shaving her head (on camera!) to play a badass that gives Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley a run for her money.


Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Now this is how to make a comeback. Demi had been away from the big screen for three years when she starred in sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. She chewed through scenery as Angel-gone-bad Madison Lee, and left jaws on the floor thanks to a surfing scene that managed to upstage Cameron Diaz.

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