Demi Lovato really wants an MMA fight: “She’s a bad little lioness”

"She's a bad little lioness. Don't mess with her."

Demi Lovato MMA star?
Fighter Demi Lovato MMA star? Image Instagram/ddlovato

Could music star Demi Lovato be about to make a shock career change and head into the brutal world of MMA?

It might sound unlikely, but Demi’s new boyfriend is MMA pro fighter Luke Rockhold and the pop siren has been hitting the gym to train hard in mixed martial arts.

Demi going full contact in an amateur fight is certainly one way to thrust the growing sport into the mainstream.

“She’s a bad little lioness. Don’t mess with her.”

Sports writer and gym owner Jay Glazer even thinks she’s got what it takes to head into the Octagon and deliver some killer blows.

“She’s brought it up to us a million times,” Glazer told TMZ of Lovato’s MMA ambitions.

“She throws elbows better than most of the UFC guys that come in there. She’s definitely one of our fighters without a doubt.”

He added: “She’s a bad little lioness. Don’t mess with her.”

Glazer happens to be the business partner of retired UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture, so this is a man who knows a real fighter when he sees one.

Demi’s Instagram feed is full of videos of her in training – maybe it’s time for Ronda Rousey to start watching her back…?



?????? kickin @jayglazer's ass at my oasis @unbreakableperformance #elbowlife

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What sprained ankle? Working around it with @cungle185 at @unbreakableperformance ??????

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That one time @xcnatch kicked me in the head a million times….. ????? #Unbreakable

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