Deleting This App Can Instantly Double Your Phone’s Battery Life

This could be the solution all iPhone users have been searching for...

Tinder user on a mobile phone
The app you should delete This could be the key to improving your battery life

Smartphones are the most essential pieces of tech you can ever own in 2017, and most of us would be lost without ours.

However, as any mobile user will tell you, all the cool apps and features we install on our devices can have pretty dire consequences for our battery lives.

Smartphones, in particular the iPhone 7, have come under fire recently after users around the world experienced problems with quickly depleting batteries. However, that could all be about to change. journalist John Koetsier has discovered that one app is depleting your charge at a much faster rate than any other.

And that app is? Facebook.

That’s right, the social media app is probably the cause of the sudden drops in charge you keep experiencing.

Facebook data is no laughing matter.
Facebook No laughing matter Image LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images

When you open the app, all kinds of features such as notifications, location services, live videos and additional camera features also open, which explains the extra drain on your battery.

The app’s megabytes is also ten times what it was a decade ago, which just shows how much of an effect it could be having.

While deleting the app is the most obvious way to improve your battery life, turning off location settings, switching off video autoplay as well as notifications and background app refresh, will also help you keep your phone charged for longer.

So, it might be a pretty bold step, but changing your Facebook habits or even removing the app altogether could leave your phone with twice as much juice.

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