DEEP FRIED Nutella Burgers Might Be The Craziest Food Trend Yet

This isn't for the faint hearted...

Nutella Burger
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Everyone loves Nutella; it’s the ultimate indulgence, and food bloggers, chefs, and foodies have found multiple ways to utilise this sweet treat. One blogger, however, has raised the bar with a DEEP FRIED Nutella burger.

The Naughty Fork is the brains behind an intensely sweet version of your standard burger, she filmed the whole process for her Instagram, and it’s a dentist’s worst nightmare.

She starts by chopping bananas and strawberries then dolloping heaps of Nutella into a mould, which she sticks into the freezer.

Fried Nutella Burger (not for the faint hearted) #PHAAT

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Instead of a burger bun, she uses a glazed doughnut and slices it in half in preparation for the frozen and battered Nutella mold which is dumped into a deep fryer.

When the whole thing is constructed, she cuts into it, and we witness a waterfall of Nutella ooze out – like heaven/diabetes on a plate.

Users in the comments section seem as taken aback as we are.

“WHY DO ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS MAKE ME VOMIT?!” writes one, and “I’m not okay,” says another.

The majority of commenters react in this way with lots of “omg’s” and one “holy mother of all Donuts.”

Our favourite comment is probably, “As soon as this cleanse is over…” Gwyneth Paltrow? Is that you?”

It’s definitely not something you should eat every day, but the recipe is relatively easy, so heat up a pot of hot oil and give it a go.

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