Death Wish Coffee: Introducing The World’s Strongest Coffee

If you don’t believe it’s the world’s strongest, they will give you your money back.

Death Wish Coffee In all it's glory Image Death Wish Coffee

It’s no exaggeration to claim that our very way of life is fueled by coffee.

Statistics produced by The British Coffee association estimates that in the UK, we drink around 55 million cups of coffee every single day.

In cities and towns up and down the land, the popular café culture sees around 80 per cent of coffee shop visitors visiting their barista at least once a week while for around 16% it’s a daily ritual.

This demand is driven by the fact that coffee consumption provides the kind of energy and focus needed to get through the busy working day.

But while the UK leads the way when it comes to more traditional hot British beverages like tea, when it comes to coffee, us Brits are forever living in the shadow of our American cousins.

New York, for example, is home to Death Wish Coffee, dubbed the world’s strongest coffee and with good reason.

The brainchild of Mike Brown, who started selling the brew from a small coffee shop in Saratoga Springs, New York, Death Wish was the result of an increasing demand among customers for the strongest possible cup of joe.

“I wanted to bring something new and powerful to the coffee world and fulfill the request of some crazy coffee shop customers,” he explains on the official Death Wish website.


Using premium, bold beans from nutrient rich soils, Brown was keen to create a coffee with no additives, chemicals or artificial flavours.

The result is a smooth, never-bitter taste with hints of cherry and chocolate to it that utilizes the perfect blend of beans and a unique and largely mysterious roasting technique.

Promising to provide clarity and focus to the customer, every cup or pack of Death Wish coffee also comes with a refund guarantee – if this isn’t the strongest coffee you’ve ever had, you’ll get your money back.

Available in the US and online, like all good coffees Death Wish should be enjoyed in moderation.

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