Deal or No Deal to end but Noel Edmonds will remain on our screens

A farewell UK tour has been planned before Edmonds starts two new shows on Channel 4.

The Deal or No Deal logo.
Deal or No Deal is being axed. But Noel Edmonds will remain on our screens. Image Endemol

For well over a decade, Deal or No Deal has been a staple of Channel 4’s schedule proving beyond all doubt that, when it comes to sleepy afternoon TV, there’s nothing more thrilling than watching someone open a series of red boxes at random.

But now the end is nigh for the Noel Edmonds favourite after the broadcaster announced that the show is set to end after almost 3,000 episodes.

“A lot of the credit for that must go to Noel and his exceptional presenting”

Since its debut in 2005, the programme has handed out around £40 million in cash prizes, as well as helping resurrect the career of Edmonds following his self-imposed post-House Party exile.

Often known for praising contestants for following a “cunning strategy” when it came to opening 22 different red boxes at random, Edmonds also met his current partner, a make-up artist, while working on the show.

Over the course of it’s near-11-year run, a total of eight contestants have also had the good fortune to scoop the £250,000 jackpot, resisting the phone-based overtures of the show’s mysterious banker, who may or may not just be Edmonds talking to himself like a quiz show version of Ed Norton’s character in Fight Club.

Noel Edmonds on Deal or No Deal.
No more Noel? Wrong. Edmonds isn't done with Channel 4 just yet. Image Endemol

“I remember watching Deal Or No Deal launch and watching it grow to become a hit that captivated audiences for over a decade,” Channel 4 Chief Creative Officer Jay Hunt said in an official statement.

“A lot of the credit for that must go to Noel and his exceptional presenting.”

Deal or No Deal will not be going out with a whimper though, with a farewell tour of the UK planned for the final series of the show, giving fans across the country the opportunity to scoop the show’s big jackpot.

And Edmonds is far from done with Channel 4 either, with the 67-year-old presenter already signed up to front Channel 4’s new show Cheap Cheap Cheap.

The show will see Edmonds challenge ordinary members of the public to guess the lowest priced item from three chosen at random from his very own “general store.”

He’ll also front Noel Edmonds’ Sell or Swap which sounds a bit like Antiques Roadshow fused with the beardy one’s familiar hit Swap Shop. Can’t wait for that.

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