The Deadliest Show On TV Has Been Revealed

By Jack Beresford

August 15, 2018

A new study has crunched the numbers to find out the series boasting the highest body count on TV right now – and it’s not what you think.

According to research from Music Magpie, it’s not Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead topping the chart when it comes to blood-letting on the world’s best and most binge-able shows.

Instead, it’s Charlie Brooker’s dystopian sci-fi anthology series, Black Mirror, over on Netflix which takes the honour.

Over the course of the series, there have been a whopping 387,063 kills.

Wow, that’s quite a lot.

This figure is largely thanks to one particular episode, season three’s Hated in the Nation, which sees a horrifying 387,036 people killed by rogue Autonomous Drone Insects.

Unsurprisingly, Game of Thrones takes second place, with an impressive 173,373 deaths through its seven seasons to date.

Humans takes third place, with a death count of 110,059, with – SPOILER ALERT – 110,000 of these happening following the season two finale, which sees Mattie upload the consciousness code, waking up Synths around the world.

You can check out a full breakdown of the death counts below: