The deadliest – and booziest – James Bond of all time has been revealed

It's a debate that has raged for decades: who is the best James Bond of them all?

James Bond gun barrel sequence
Bond. James Bond. 007's gun barrel sequence. Image MGM/Eon

It’s a debate that has raged for decades: who is the best James Bond of them all?

And while there are plenty of die-hard Sean Connery fans out there unwilling to contemplate any alternative as 007, that hasn’t stopped someone from crunching the numbers to settle the debate once and for all.

Bond In Numbers collates all of the data from every Bond film to date.

All 24 official 007 films have been analysed in detail, to determine the number of villains killed, romantic liaisons, units of alcohol consumed, casino visits, catchphrases spoken, guns fired, gadgets used and, of course, cars driven.

This interactive guide even compares the profit made from each film, both at the box office and after inflation, and how the theme song from each film performed in the UK pop charts.

Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye
007 Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye. Image MGM/United Artists/Eon

The biggest revelations to emerge from the study concern booze and body count.

Pierce Brosnan, perhaps surprisingly, ranked as the deadliest 007 having taken out a whopping 135 during his stint as Bond.

Goldeneye, meanwhile, ranked as the deadliest film with Brosnan dispatching 47 bad guys during his 007 debut.

Daniel Craig, meanwhile, was the biggest drinker of all the James Bonds on offer, averaging a whopping 21.25 units of alcohol per film, including a staggering 26 units in Casino Royale.

Elsewhere, Moonraker ranked as the Bond movie with the most gadgets while Diamonds are Forever and Quantum of Solace boasted the most cars, with 007 driving four in both films.

Daniel Craig James Bond Spectre
David Craig as James Bond Image Picture Sony/MGM/Eon

Bond’s iconic drink of choice is surprisingly champagne, not his iconic vodka martini, while he only says his famous catchphrase “shaken, not stirred” 12 times throughout the franchise.

That’s compared to 25 outings for “Bond, James Bond” across the 24 films.

Bond has bedded a total of 58 women during his time on film, with Sean Connery’s You Only Live Twice and Roger Moore’s A View to a Kill boast the most, with four encounters in each film.

Bond in Numbers allows users to break down the statistics by individual film and also compiles the best of Bond to see the stand-out facts at a glance.

Other fascinating facts from the franchise include the origin of the Walther PPK, how to make a proper vodka martini, and Sean Connery’s brush with death on the set of Thunderball.

To find out how 007 uses his Licence to Kill and what he really gets up to while On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Bond in Numbers has all the information and more you could need on the iconic superspy.

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