Revealed: The tune David Cameron was whistling at 10 Downing Street

Our crack team have analysed the video evidence to reach a shocking conclusion.

David Cameron, tax dodger
No one is laughing now But they will be after watching this... Image Picture Carl Court/Getty Images

David Cameron was caught singing a little tune to himself shortly after announcing Theresa May will replace him as Prime Minister and we’ve got a pretty good idea what it was.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for DC, who effectively threw his toys out of the pram after losing the EU Referendum, announcing his resignation the following day.

Cameron probably thought he was invincible up until then, after winning a majority at the last election and convincing Scotland to remain a part of the United Kingdom – suckers.

But Dave seemed back on song during his most recent press conference, informing the waiting reporters that May would be in place before he was caught on microphone humming a little tune to himself as he walked away.

Now, after around 10 hours spent carefully analysing the tune and Cameron’s general demeanour, the loaded team have come up with a little theory.

Cameron was humming the theme tune from the Great Escape.

But hear us out, because there is a twist.

To our way of thinking, it sounds as though Cameron began humming the theme tune, in what was clearly a very subtle dig at the fact he is about to walk away scott-free from the utter sh*t-show that is very much of his own making.

But, in a split-second moment of clarity, he evidently realised he was still on microphone, so quickly altered his tune to make something all together more, well, weird.

Listen again for the opening bars to that iconic track and you can almost pin-point the moment where he realised what the hell he is doing.

Best of luck for the future Dave – here’s hoping you don’t make a pig’s ear of whatever your next big venture is.

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